The Creative Entrepreneur Academy Community

The Creative Entrepreneur Academy Community provides traditional diversity of business disciplines, with a background that is focused on and application to the creative industries.

In our community we share business management, digital marketing and innovation programs for your business. This way through our conversations you get to be equipped with the vision, mindset, and skill set to escalate their impact and unlock your full creative potential.

Through our interactions you get to be engaged with others and your relationships become the basis for building teams, projects, and organizations. This way you can foster innovation, enable learning, and deliver business value. This process offers wider opportunities to co-create value and deliver impact within your organizations. In short, your business is based on YOU!

What’s in it for YOU?

  • Learn repeatable creative processes and frameworks for uncovering disruptive or creative ideas
  • Best practices in the application of innovation tools
  • Heightened creative awareness, as you explore, develop, and launch new initiatives
  • Imagine and bring breakthrough ideas to life
  • Support system of mentors and peers, from various fields and disciplines
  • Membership to a community of like-minded creative leaders offering dialogue, support, and opportunities for co-creation
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