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Bring your Imagination, new Business Models and Creative Disruption in YOUR business.

Creative Entrepreneur Academy is not so much about producing creative product design, but how to creatively develop new business models, new customer experience and service offerings, new forms of business partnerships, new technologies, and new ways collaborating with people.

Through our creative and management courses, you’ll be able to use your creativity with business management skills, and boost your business potential around your personal brand. You’ll have mentors and speakers who are at the top of their field commercially and creatively.

Leverage your creativity for business innovation and develop the mindset, knowledge, and insights required to boost your business growth!

It’s a dynamic, surprising, challenging and absorbing programme.

Our learners develop different ways of seeing, interpreting, and acting in the digitally networked world – all in a creative manner. Instead of learning already existing skills and knowledge, you will mature into more steady creative learners. Your integrity, adaptability, and interactions catalyze your business creativity across seemingly diversified objectives, demands, as well as environment.

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We’ve launched Creative Entrepreneur Academy as a leader in training entrepreneurs in a business management, branding and marketing all around the world.

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