All About Maximizing

An Established Entrepreneur should be making at least six figures in their business and are set on raising the bar to build bigger than they’ve ever built before.

At this point, you need to understand your brand’s points of difference better, acquiring the insight to grow, improve positioning and build more explicit targeting of customer segments.

This time you recognize that earning higher revenues and profits from improved alignment with customers and distribution channels. However, it can be overwhelming to increase more revenues, reduce the risk of failed product launches, determine untapped product and service opportunities, and improve efficiency and speed to market.

At the same time, at this point, you would want to see higher profitability and increased loyalty so focusing on strategies to address pain points and create customer advocacy is most necessary. You’ll also need to improve your ability to serve targeted customer segments and develop differentiated customer experiences with a high return on investment.

Likewise, at this level, you’ll be facing a difficulty to establish the best initial pricing framework and sales incentives and to see ongoing benefits from an analytical pricing framework informed by customers, market conditions and the competitive environment. Above and beyond it can be tricky or even seem discouraging to establish a new go-to-market model to enter new categories or markets, and aim to gain a competitive advantage and target incremental growth in mature, highly competitive categories.

At this point everything from irresistible offer, traffic, conversion, systems and processes for delivery, as well as increasing your team and technology will be vital to shift passed the ceiling you’ve reached.

How We Help YOU Make the Shift

Through Creative Entrepreneurship Academy, we can I can provide you with sound advice that comes from years of experience in the creative business field that you need. Our web of knowledge and proven marketing methodologies will help you understand the marketplace, reach your target audience, and aid you in capturing more clients. Thinking out of the box, I can get you the solutions to your marketing needs. This is done through our parent company, Creative Thought Solutions. Our team has worked with hundreds of Business Owners, just like you, who needed a team to step in and make the difference.

What can we help you with today?

We’ll help you answer the following questions:

How do we make all of this happen?

As a final step, you need to make sure you have a robust plan, with clear accountability, meeting targets, and practical work packages or initiatives. This will need to be supported by realistic budgets and investments, employees’ time and delegation of desired outcomes, and a disciplined change process that upholds accountability and ensures transparency.

A successful strategy requires an integrated set of choices and a strong commitment to change across all levels of the organization. With Creative Thought Solutions, we’ll help you make these strategic choices throughout your strategy.

What Makes Creative Thought Solutions Different?

Our work is founded on the 7 foundational keys that make the difference in a business succeeding or failing.

Our investment for knowledge development, learning, and capability building paved the way to a deep understanding of markets, trends, and emerging best practices, in every industry and region, locally and globally.

Our team is made up of several individuals with a combined 40 years of experience in Technology, Automation, Systems and Processes, Market Research, Finance, Digital Marketing, Branding, Website Development, Strategy, Social Media, and Education.

Not to mention, the creative touch we bring to each company. We understand that each business is different and there is no cookie cutter approach to building a business that thrives when others have to close up shop.

Our willingness to learn your business as if it is our own, grow with you, and implement what we use daily makes us the solution to those challenging questions that just won’t let you sleep at night.

What Our Members Say

  • Ready to Scale
    Author, Life Coach, Speaker

    TerDawn and her team have done a great job with my brand. I would highly recommend them to any company or individual looking for someone to quickly and efficiently tackle their marketing needs, large or small. I needed her to help me with a wide range of different marketing tasks, and she has applied herself with great efficiency and enthusiasm to all of them. My sales and exposure were able to grow rapidly with the techniques that were used. They helped me understand my target market which helped me spend less effort doing things that was unproductive. In addition, the unique homework assignments that were given to me helped me understand how important a system is and how important my brand really us.

    Manny Hall,
  • Ready to Scale
    Brand Abundance Coach - Branding Bestie

    Before working with TerDawn I was really confused about how to attract new traffic to my website, and how to get the RIGHT clientele for my brand. She showed me how to create sales funnels that actually worked, and get the right people to book with me through my website. With her help, I was also able to double the size of my email list, and increase engagement with my subscribers! I feel much more confident about marketing my products and services!”

    Bee Fells
  • Ready to Scale
    Joel Younkins Training

    I have been running my own Private Training Facility for 5 years now and I have had to learn marketing on my own. I felt like I was ahead of the game coming from someone with no background in marketing or advertising. But I knew I reached a point where I needed to invest in a Professional in this field to help take my marketing to the next level. TerDawn came highly recommended and she over delivered! She gave me a ton of value in many aspects of marketing including my Website, Social Media, Apps that I’ve never heard of before, and Newsletter advice that I now feel I can add further professionalism to my brand. Working with her, she makes the process very easy and she is extremely organized in her craft. I will definitely continue investing myself into her work and looking forward to growing my business with her help and support!”

    Joel Younkins
  • Ready to Scale
    BeFree Project - Clarity Cultivator

    Before working with Terdawn I was clueless when it came to really creating strategies and systems in my business. As a result of working with her I’ve been able to narrow down my focus, streamline my processes and crush my goals. I can honestly say I am now working smarter and not harder.

    Siobhan Sudberry
  • Ready to Scale
    Nascar Driver

    While designing my logo, InnovativEdge worked with me to develop the ideas I had and incorporate them into the final design. She complete the project very quickly, which allowed me to utilize the logo much sooner than expected.

    Jimmy Weller
  • Ready to Scale
    Foundations Educational Consulting, LLC.

    I began working with TerDawn and her team recently after having researched website design and consulting with many creative web designers, yet months later still in need of a professional website. Upon connecting with TerDawn, I was put at ease with her calm demeanor, approachability, and extensive web design knowledge. She listened to what my needs were, was punctual in providing and developing what I needed and wanted for my website, while cultivating and supporting my brand. TerDawn stayed in constant contact with me throughout the entire website design process.She was very patient, professional and kind throughout the process and at the culmination shared information pertaining to website maintenance. I cannot say enough about how nice it was to work with someone who took the time to fully understand what my personal and professional needs were in an effort to create and cultivate not only my website but my brand. I highly recommend TerDawn DeBoe and her team for your professional needs and would definitely work with TerDawn again.

    Sara Williams, M.Ed.
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